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Created by a musician, for music lovers

Because SoundCloud is off track at music discovery, I build what we musicians do.

Every morning, I start my day listening to the last tracks other musicians recommend me. Under the shower or during breakfast, the good vibes make my day.

Discovering music is not about what everyone likes or shares. It is about you, your style, your taste. You have a musical identity, but most apps don’t care about it. mimics what we, musicians, do to discover the next best tracks: we ask the musicians we love what they listen to.

Olivier Colot

Olivier Colot

Founder of DiscoverTracks
Entrepreneur at Co-creation studio
Musician as Blackcolors(FTRSND)

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DiscoverTracks' discovery algorithm is intrinsically built to favor the emergence of new artists and doesn't take into account any popularity metrics.

I am looking for artists willing to support the project.

If you feel like taking part, contact me!

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